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FTF: To share or not to share?

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I'd rather set the logic aside and just be civil to each other. It's logical that I no longer have to hold onto a door after I have passed through the doorway. That doesn't mean that I let it slam in the old ladies face who is following me.


I love that - that made me smile.


FTF isn't an official part of the game, there are no rules for it, so it's whatever you make of it. With getting on 1400 FTFs under my belt I have always looked at it as a bit of a fun race to get there and be first, but if there's a group looking, no matter who arrived first or together, why would we want to push and shove in order be the one that looks under the correct bush first? Better to just be social, friendly and share the search and the FTF - I mean there's no need to be *that* competitive is there, especially for something that has no real value at all?

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