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Finding coins with no numbers ?


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I am finding coins with no numbers, new to GEOING so please help and not be offended if i am in the wrong forum direct my path

i looked for coins pic in several places, nothing. Is this how you start a collection ? How do you let others know what you have found if you can't find a pic or number of what you have ? LOL sorry please help,

one is orange & green side one is geocaching the world is our playing field with compass the flip side mostly green thanks for the cache ! smile face 2006................ second one is highland piper caching since 2004 flip of this is state of NY Kennedy

any help would be appreciated



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...... second one is highland piper caching since 2004 flip of this is state of NY Kennedy

any help would be appreciated



Highland Piper is a cacher in NY State.


What you are finding are sig (signature) items. They are not geocoins.

Some folks collect sig items and even have fairly massive collections.


Think of it as a "business card" that is not a business card. Signature items come in all types and styles imaginable.

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If you find a trackable, either a travel bug or geocoin, in a cache it is a traveler and is owned by someone. As a geocacher you can move trackables from one cache to another and log the movements on the trackable's tracking page. When you do so an icon for that coin is added to a list in your profile.... or you can discover the coin without moving it and also get that icon. As others have said it should be clearly stamped somewhere on the coin that it is trackable on geocaching.com for it to be a geocaching trackable (some items are trackable on other sites but I digress). Many coins are used as swag, or trade items but not all are geocoins though some will argue otherwise - semantics.


On the issue of collections... to build a collection you must purchase the coins you wish to collect. If you activate them you become the registered owner and if you release them your proof of ownership is right at the top of the trackable's tracking page. DO NOT COLLECT coins from caches as that is considered coin theft.


EDIT TO ADD... swag or trade items ought to be traded for with something of equal or greater value. Travelers DO NOT need to be traded for, just moved (and logged).

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Nothing on edges how do i transfer a photo here of it /


You need to upload the photo to some web photo gallary like "picasa" and copy the url to the photo in your message using the image icon above the text area.


If there is no 6 character code on with the txt "track at geocaching.com" or "trackable at geocaching.com" then the coin is not a groudspeak trackable coin. If there is a 6 character code on the coin then you can enter the code here and if it does bring you to the trackable's page you need to log it.


Another good tip is the one "Frozen Buns" gave: check the cache page from where you retrieved the coin and check if the coin is in the inventory list.


If all failed i would just assume that the coin is for you to keep.

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