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where are the geochecker links ?

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This morning i tried to resolve a mystery. So i wanted tu check my solution with geochecker. But there was no link on the cache page for that ! Nevertheless the former finders said, in their logs, that they turned the checker to green... So i looked at one of my own mysteries, and... no more link for the geochecker !


I tried with Firefox 21.0 and I.E. 1.0, for the same result.


Any idea ?



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Ok, thanks Redgremlin (is it THE Redgremlin near Grenoble ? B) )


Howerver, i'm surprised that we can't even see the link to the geochecker, linking to a 404 page...

I thought it was a problem on GC.com but it seems it's not. So we have to be patient for a while :unsure:

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Ok, thanks Redgremlin (is it THE Redgremlin near Grenoble ? B) )


Oui c'est moi! [Yes it's me] B)


The problem is that the link on many of the pages is made with a dynamically generated image. If that doesn't appear because of a server issue - then nothing appears on the page.


To avoid this type of problem (so that a link does appear on the page), it would seem to be best practice to provide a text link as well as the graphical link.


There is a FaceBook page for geocheck.org - there are a couple of people reporting issues there.

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