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  1. Would you believe it... Just tried it again, and it's back working... Last 'proactive threat' download for the anti-V was an hour ago - maybe it was that, maybe not... I think this will remain a mystery.
  2. Thanks for the response and the ideas. For the Virus / Anti-Malware - yes I have one... controlled by corporate, so no possibility to modify. Last update < 24Hrs. But it is not reporting blocking anything - anyway - that's one avenue to investigate. For the general pages, yes everything works just fine. So if the issue is JS being blocked, it's mostly likely a single file specifically on the map page. Thanks
  3. I am not seeing others reporting this, so this could be a local issue - but if so, I am not sure how it can be fixed. The issue: The geocaching map does not load; the right hand pane is solid white. Clicking on any icons on the left hand pain, including the vertical grey bar to collapse the information pane, does not cause anything to happen. Opening up a developer window to watch the javascript, I find that there are lots of javascript errors. What I have done: - Checked that I have the same issue on multiple connections (work, home, 3G). Same issue. Assumption - it's not a firewall issue. - Checked across multiple browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, IE). Same issue. Assumption - it's not specific to one browser. - Clear caches on browsers and retry. Same issue. Assumption - it's not related to old downloaded files - Checked across platforms (ipad, PC). iPad still works. PC still fails. Assumption - it's related to html/js downloaded to PC. - Checked if it a profile issue. Same issue whether logged in/out. This problem has existed for the last 24 hrs. Any help? Site bug? user issue? Anybody else seeing this?
  4. Also a frustrated user, but this is a long term problem with the site. To me, the problem appears to be related to one of two things: - a slow internet connection, meaning that some of the javascript/css does not load - clicking on something before the page has fully loaded. Related issues When you click one of the icons, there should be a callback function which displays the info box, but if you click before the code is available... nothing will happen, and could cause other errors. In general, there is just too much javascript required to get all the functionality. The App is OK when trying to cache locally - but for planning future trips, the website map is so much easier.
  5. [rant] Tonight I get a message from support... It is so clear that they have not actually read what I have sent them, they are just replying with standard responses - and these are not even correct. Tonight it's - so you have emails blocked... therefore we will give you advice when you can't access the site... turn off tor... turn off proxies... what has that got to do with emails that are being blocked somewhere between Groundspeak and my provider? I have access to the site. My ISP has been kind enough to trace the problem as far as they can, linking it to a spam blacklisting. They are requesting a copy of a bounce message so that they trace further the issue. Groundspeak on the other hand... the kind of support that makes your blood boil. And the bizarre fact - I receive the emails from support - but not any of the notifications. This situation is quite frankly ridiculous; I pay for premium services. I have not been getting those services for the last 15 days. With the last message from support, my patience has run out. [/rant]
  6. My search for the problem has gone all the way to the datacenter... The reason would appear to be that one of the two addresses sending emails from Groundspeak is on an email blacklist. If this is really the case, mails would be blocked at the entry to the datacenter before they even get to my server or spamfilter. Grrrr....
  7. The issue becomes more interesting... A message to Groundspeak support was acknowledged with the tracking number to my email. That would appear to indicate that emails are not being blocked by domain. The headers indicate a sending address of contact@geocaching.com - sent by vmhelpspot.Groundspeak.com then signal.Groundspeak.com The last message I received from Groundspeak passed through the path hardac.Groundspeak.com(NOT) web09.Groundspeak.com(MAIL) to signal.Groundspeak.com (same IP address). Analysing message headers for emails sent to my girlfriend's account I can see receive paths passing through variously domino.Groundspeak.com (newsletter) twiki.Groundspeak.com (PQ), hardac.Groundspeak.com (NOT) and passed to signal.Groundspeak.com (same IP address). So... some emails from Groundspeak are being received, but the majority are not. And the sending server is the same... The problem becomes increasingly frustrating. I have tried to validate earthcaches with their respective owners; I have received no response from the owners. Since I send my email address, a reply should not be an issue, because it will not pass through the website. This makes me wonder if the message was actually sent to the owner by geocaching.com . I never received the copy, which is not surprising because I don't see pocket queries or notifications, but did the owner get the message? I have temporarily disabled spam filtering for all my emails, but this doesn't seem to be making a difference. The mystery continues. Could somebody from Groundspeak comment?
  8. Yes.. tried that as well. But I really would like to use my paid-for email address for my personal emails. I pay because I don't want google or hotmail using my personal information. I have entered a ticket into the support system, but looks unlikely that I will get a response before Tuesday.
  9. Oui c'est moi! [Yes it's me] The problem is that the link on many of the pages is made with a dynamically generated image. If that doesn't appear because of a server issue - then nothing appears on the page. To avoid this type of problem (so that a link does appear on the page), it would seem to be best practice to provide a text link as well as the graphical link. There is a FaceBook page for geocheck.org - there are a couple of people reporting issues there.
  10. It would appear that the geocheck.org website is struggling. The front index page is available, but the link banners and the checking pages just timeout. I think we have to be patient until somebody over at geocheck fixes it.
  11. You didn't mention, so I'll ask: Have you actually looked in your spam folder to see if the emails are there? It might also be worth it to explicitly whitelist the "noreply@geocaching.com" address, because maybe whitelisting the domain isn't working? It definitely isn't a widespread problem. I've been receiving lots of emails from geocaching.com, and other people have been FTFing new caches, so they must be getting them too. You are correct, I didn't mention that. I don't actually have a 'spam folder', but I do have an online quarantine with the spam filtering provider that I use. That filter is displaying the normal crud, but nothing from geocaching. The domain and the specific address are both white-listed. I have also checked the black-lists, just in case I had accidentally entered an address there, but all is good. I also note that I have set a watch on this topic for immediate notification by mail. I did not receive an email to alert me to the above message. I would really like to get these notifications working again.
  12. I am also having problems with emails/notifications being sent from geocaching.com. The last notification I received was 15/05/2013 - I am not receiving 'copies of mails sent to other users' - I suspect that these are not being sent to those users either, because I have had no replies for things like earthcaches. - I am not receiving notifications of changes to caches (e.g. new), yet I know that caches have been published in my area - I am not receiving notification of pocket queries being generated, yet these are available on the site. At first I assumed that I have a mail reception problem, but here, I am receiving mails from others, including sites that similarly send forum notifications. There is no block in my spam filters; geocaching.com is whitelisted. My conclusion is that the problem is elsewhere. Is this a widespread problem, or limited to a few users?
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