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Earthcache Review


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Hi, All.

I have my first Earthcache in the process of being reviewed. My reviewer disabled and reviewed my cache listing, wanting some information, which was placed in a reviewer note prior to their asking for it. I enabled it and gave the information in another reviewer note, no problem. My reviewer made some good suggestions. I made the changes and posted a new reviewer note on 4/18/2013. Typically, how long is the wait for a response or publication? Thanks!

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I checked to make sure the cache is enabled - yes I know you said it was ;-) but it's a very common problem when caches aren't being published.


Cache is on hold by the original reviewing Geoaware account, and that account hasn't logged in since Friday. A long weekend camping trip perhaps.


If nothing happens in a couple more days, send the reviewer an email, you can click on their name to get to the profile and email. Include the GC Code of the cache.

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Yes, I have written two more, both are in Palmetto State Park, Texas. It is really a lot of fun doing the physical research for these. Originally, I had planned to make the official TPWD cache find and move on, but I saw the two features, and before I knew it, I was marking waypoints, taking elevation readings, snapping photographs, and jotting down ideas. Earthcaches are really so much fun in a lot ways that folks should get two smileys for them.

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