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... get a GPX file listing all my found caches?


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Hi, all - I hope this isn't too stupid a question. I searched here in several different ways but couldn't find an answer already posted, so I decided to ask directly:


Is there a way for me to get a GPX file listing all caches I have already found? I'm pretty sure I saw that option somewhere a few days ago, but I didn't need it then so I forgot where. I've tried using a Pocket Query with the filter "... that I have found", but that only brought up about 2/3 of my finds (I believe it omitted caches that are no longer active). The "Enabled/Disabled" flags didn't help either... with either of them checked, the search returned NO finds.


I seem to remember there was a simple link to do exactly this somewhere, but if there is, I can't find it again.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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ruidealmeida, cardinal red, thanks for the responses! That is exactly what I was looking for.


It's now confirmed: I'm an idiot. I saw this a few days ago, then promptly forgot about it. I've been overlooking that very link all day until now, trying to synthesize a PQ that would do what I wanted (I couldn't.)


Thanks again, and happy hunting! :)

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