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How do I change Premium Member cache to public?


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In the upper right corner of the cache page is a navigation box. One of the options there is "edit listing".


Click that, it goes to an edit page.


You can edit your listing below.


Cache Type:

Cache Size:

Cache Name:

Cache Placed By:


CHECK/UNCHECK Check if you only want Premium and Charter Members to view this cache.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check the two "i accept" boxes + submit changes

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I have a Premium cache I placed a few years ago and listed it as Premium only. I want to change it so it's open for everyone to find. I looked everywhere to edit that and I can't find where I would change it.


Any help would be great. Thanks.


The problem might lay in the fact that you aren't a Premium Member, despite what it says under your avatar.


Help Center → Premium Membership → Troubleshooting



5.3. Premium Membership Lapsed/Cancelled - Can't Change Premium Member Only Status of My Cache


When a user's Premium Membership lapses or is canceled and that member is a cache owner, the user may discover that they cannot edit a particular aspect of any cache page(s) previously designated as Premium Members Only.


The cache owner can access the "Edit Listing" page for each cache, but once there, the check box with this option, "Check if you only want Premium and Charter Members to view this cache," is no longer visible.


This cache owner can email their local Reviewer with the GC Code of the cache and a request to make the cache available to all members, not just Premium Members. Alternatively, the cache owner can email Groundspeak at contact@Groundspeak.com and a Lackey will be able to make this change for the cache owner.




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Thank you again for the quick reply. The Cache Type is grayed out and there is no CHECK/UNCHECK Check if you only want Premium and Charter Members to view this cache option.


Could it be because I need to be a premium member to change that option? My premium membership expired and I haven't renewed it yet...

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Thank you all for your help! How do I find a local cache reviewer?


Did you try the one who reviewed that cache to begin with? go to the very bottom of the cache page-click on the first log(your case it's the alien xray avatar) and click send message. Remember to tell him your GC number(Top right of the page)

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