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  1. Ok, so I'm scrolling through the sporting goods ads in St. George, Utah when I see the heading, "geocaching"........interesting I say to myself....... So I open it, and this is the monstrosity that was inside! Do you want to find thousands of geocaches in a power trail or that lonely one in the middle of nowhere? I will do the finding for YOU! Do you want to place a drive by, a power trail, a geo-art, or a lonely cache where no one has ever been? I will do the placement for YOU! Don't want to rappel, Scuba dive, hike, or search forever? I will do it for YOU! Starts at $1.00, including documentation with photos or video. For price, email a detailed description of what you want along with your geo-name. No task is too large or small. Local, national, or international. Increase your rating and status. Complete your charts, improve your statistics. Collect badges, belts, and souvenirs. Place, retrieve, or discover trackables. Confidentiality assured. Satisfaction guaranteed. http://stgeorge.craigslist.org/spo/4020348812.html
  2. Opinions are like, well you know............ and hers happens to be wrong! Just my opinion of course. : )
  3. Simple yet effective, thank you much! Thanks to everyone else for feedback as well......... : )
  4. We've been taking our sister's family out on some Premium hunts and they haven't been able to log them as they are basic members at this point. It would be awesome if they could at log the visits. I looked around in the help section but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.
  5. That's kind of a ticky tack thing to lock the once premium member out of being able to make the cache type public. lol
  6. It's very lame the OP intends to keep the TB but overall, it's a very small price to pay for someone like him/her to leave the game. In reality, the OP sounds like an attention fiend with a gimmee gimmee look at me attitude. Not needed or wanted here.
  7. Did you post a comment similar to the one you posted here on the cache log? Or just drop a "TFTC", I'm just curious.......
  8. That is why you check the size of the cache before you go hunt it. If you aren't interested in micro and nano then avoid them, essentially pretend they don't exist. And by the way, if you are going to gripe about other people's caches, please don't admit you used a Cool Whip container. Just sayin'............ : ) J/K lol
  9. Edit: I mentioned something about not putting knives in caches....are we talking about swag items to put in a cache or more like door prize items for an event? My reply was based on the topic and first post of the thread. Did I miss something? Or did you.........? : )
  10. A Leathernman multi type tool would be fantastic, or a swiss army knife with the pull out tweezer feature. A headlamp would be prefered over a flashlight...... A pen and a pencil........ An extra log sheet to replace the first worn out one they find. : )
  11. Taxifornia, New "No big sodas" York, or one of the other over-regulated wonderlands perhaps? Sorry, but this whole "fee" for this and "fee" for that is just bogus nonsense. Taxation without representation is making a huge comeback in these debt ridden areas. Now if you come back and say it's in Montana, Idaho, Florida, etc etc then that will be funny. : )
  12. A find is a find for us in our infantile stage of the game. Obviously very creative or wilderness hides are fantastic, but there is still the rush of finding a container hidden anywhere (lampost skirt in this case) that nobody else knows is there yet is passed by all the time. That is just neat to us.
  13. FTF for me has become a bit of a rush. I've got 3 so far, (2 in the last 2 days) and man, there is just something about it! Opening that container in anticipation that the FTF line is still clear, it's good times for sure. There is someone in my area who has a TON of FTF, I see him/her on lots of caches as the ftf. You know who you are, and yes, I'm coming for you! : ) J/K!!! LOL
  14. Well, if rattlesnakes are common the area as a whole then people should expect to see them when they go out in that area. If the cache is placed on this particular snake's den, then maybe move it 100 feet in either direction. This reminds me of a cache that I went to grab a little while ago and just as I put my hand in the hole I saw the black widow sitting right in the middle. Literally guarding the cache. I would have been bitten for sure if I didn't see her. I posted a note on the cache page about it, people have found the cache since though so hey, maybe she moved on or expired?
  15. It's terrible that people would be so low as to go out of their way to basically take fun away from others. And of course taking away the time and effort the hider put into the geocache in the beginning. It's obviously somebody with some serious self-esteem issues who gets some sort of cheap temporary ego-boost out of ruining other peoples' day. Anyway, amateur psyc hat off for a second........ I wanted to address a couple of things I have read in the thread just for information purpose: First, the critter or hunting cameras generally have infrared lights that come on at night, they are spotted easily when triggered, so if you are going to use one, make sure it doesn't have led lights on the front of it. (then hope the bandit doesn't show up at night, lol) Also, if we had to pay upfront to try out Geocaching, we would have never got into the hobby. It was a very passing casual thing for us at first, "just to try it out". Now that we know we like and will stick with it, we upgraded to premium. But there will be a very big drop off in new members if the fee is upfront. Just some things to consider.............. I hope the idiot cache maggot (LOL!) quits now and this all blows over.
  16. Also keep in mind that when you get to the location, it won't be sitting right there or always just under a rock. People are very creative in this game and you have to look for magnets, stuff camo'd into the surrounding, etc etc The thrill of the hunt is fun, but I get what you are saying about keeping the kids motivated. : )
  17. Yes, and I'm not being flip about this but there may be a conversation going on between the holder and owner that you might not be aware of. Follow me here, if you want to get involved, as I often do, make sure you have made contact with the owner before doing anything. Sage stuff there, thank you.
  18. I did update the thread at the 6 week mark actually. : )
  19. There's nothing wrong with having an issue with a TB. If I found a porn traveler I'd report it. And I have. I'd do the same for a KKK tb, but I would wait for a response from gc.com. If I disagreed with their response to maybe keep it in circulation, we would part ways. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have a problem with that. edit n't We're talking about a Bible and you brought up porn and the KKK as examples............alrighty then. Sorry, you mis-understand me. I'm separating the things that are completely inappropriate and should be reported verses the things that are not inappropriate, but you just happen disagree with them We're not talking about a bible, we're talking about what can be a TB. And I'm telling you the difference. It sure seemed like you were equivocating things like porn and a racist hate group to an unoffensive book. But hey, the written word can be subjective I guess.
  20. There's nothing wrong with having an issue with a TB. If I found a porn traveler I'd report it. And I have. I'd do the same for a KKK tb, but I would wait for a response from gc.com. If I disagreed with their response to maybe keep it in circulation, we would part ways. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have a problem with that. edit n't We're talking about a Bible and you brought up porn and the KKK as examples............alrighty then.
  21. How about don't retrieve the object if it bothers you in some way? Live and let live comes to mind here..........
  22. Well, the person who grabbed the trackable in the first place still has it, tomorrow will be the 6 week mark. VERY annoying! : (
  23. That's funny right there, I don't care who ya' are! LOL
  24. So you are of the opinion that the person who wasted other peoples' time by clearly violating the law in entering and hiding a geocache on posted "NO TRESPASSING" property deserves some sort of decorum? The way I understand it, the "needs archived" post by a user is simply an opinion to let the owner and reviewer know of what is going on in the field. In this case, the owner acknowledged it is private property but said, "don't worry about it." And the reviewer agreed that it was in violation of the rules here and archived it. And yes, this is absolutely land developer owned, already graded out, posted no trespassing, private property. No grey area here at all.
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