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Log with two different phones

Lotta & Patrik
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Me and my girlfriend used her Iphone when we registered our account, I have upgraded my phone since then to an android and have logged in with the same cridentials. But there is a problem; I can´t log our cache from my phone. My girlfriends Iphone works ok. My question is if there is anyone who can help us out here, -is it possible to have two different phones logged in at the same time at the same account? We both use the app from geocache.com and are "standard members".

// Lotta & Patrik

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Yes, you can be logged into the same account with two phones. My husband and I do it all the time with our iphones and the geocaching App. Never had a problem....


What App are you using on the android phone?


Have you tried closing and re-opening the app?

Have you tried rebooting the phone and re-opening the app?

Delete and re-download the App and try again? (I do not use android, so however you download the apps....)


What exactly happens? You mention you can't log the cache... Does the app load? Are you able to pull up the cache in the app?

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