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Biking and Hiking a Power Trail


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NorthStar Geoseekers is working on a Power Trail in Northern Minnesota. There is two trails the long one is called the Paul Bunyan Trail it is 110 miles long. The Heartland Trail is 50 miles long with the state plans to add more trail soon. These two trails are all paved most is on an old rail road bed. There is one area that is not on the rail road bed it is a hard ride really hilly about 8 miles. There is a lot of things to see along the way with a few small towns and many lakes. Hey man get out of your car and get fit, bike or hike there is only around 1000 geocaches to find and more to come. Here is the bookmarks for the trails. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=542f215d-ee3a-4fb6-b328-ab46a5147690 http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=3b866716-47a4-4084-8e55-ff3259a16eae And here is the link to NorthStar Geoseekers http://www.northstargeoseekers.com/

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Is there an education forum component to this trail? If so, PLEASE let us know! That would be one of the best new things to come along!


Mark Case

Education Forum Moderator

Sorry Moderator i missed up I moved the posting.There is a lot of history of the logging days. And the Heartland Trail is or one of the frist Rail to Trails in the country. Geocachers are logging in about the wild life that they see. And maybe a little math. O man i forgot about the work out you get Have a great day CALGOLD

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