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Dell Axim X5 PDA


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I recently acquired the following items and I want to get it all put together properly, so it can be used for accessing the internet via WiFi , as others do with their laptops. If I can get it all working, then I’ll be able to use it for geocaching. If not, I’ll sell all of it to the first person who wants it all for a fair price.


(2) Dell Axim X5 - PDA Systems:


#1: Processor & Speed: Intel XScale/300MHz - RAM/ROM Size: 32MB/32MB - ROM Version: A00(11110200EN) - Regular Battery.


#2: Processor & Speed: Intel XScale/400MHz - RAM/ROM Size: 64MB/48MB - ROM Version: A05(07170300EN) - Heavy Duty Battery.


I also have the following:


(2) Soft-Carry Cases.

(1) Hard-Carry Metal Case.

(1) Dell Folding Keyboard.

(2) AC Charger Stands with Cable.

(1) AC Charger Cord No/Stand.

(3) Clear Touch Sheets.

(1) How to Do Everything with Your Dell Axim (book).

(2) System Guides (books).

(1) Large Dell Fold-Out Setup Instructions.

(1) 10/100 Ethernet CF Card with Instructions.

(1)Spectrum 24 High Rate - Wireless Networker WiFi (802.11b/11Mb) Card.

(4) CDs for The Spectrum 24 Card, Ethernet Card, Dell Factory System Disk.

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