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This looks like the work of daniel Dobinson of irideafrica. I looked into the mapping scene a bit and did not have much success. These sorts of maps are generated by the likes of ArcGIS which is pretty expensive commercial mapping software. I pottered around with some freely available software, but it was frustrating and not successful. You can get all the raw map data from Surveys and mapping in Mowbray. Take along your portable hard drive and they download it for you. But the data is in the form of shape files (shp) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile and needs to be processed by the said software above. At a stage I generated custom maps for the Explorist 500, but that was quite a learning curve. I would love to share ideas and be able to generate 3-D maps such as that above, so if you get anywhere let me in please.

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