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Garmin Etrex GPS w/Mapsource Software

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The eTrex Vista combines a basemap of North and South America, with a barometric altimeter and electronic compass. The compass provides bearing information while you're standing still and the altimeter determines your precise altitude. The Vista is also designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). This product will provide position accuracy to less than three meters when receiving WAAS corrections.


The eTrex Vista also boasts an internal memory capacity of 24 megabytes, which allows it to accept downloaded mapping data from Garmin's MapSource® CD-ROMs, including Fishing Hot Spots®. A silver case gives this unit a high-tech look. New to the product design, Garmin will include marine aids to navigation in addition to the basemap. These navigational aids will be pre-loaded into each unit from the factory.




MapSource™ United States Waterways & Lights offers GPS 48 support which allows you to transfer nautical navaids from a worldwide database. When you install the GPS 48 support, there will be a selection to upload a particular lights region into the GPS 48. The regions are: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South Pacific.

Features include:Trip and waypoint management functions** For general marine reference U.S. nautical navigation aids of lights, buoys, sound signals and daybeacons U.S. inland shoreline detail for lakes, reservoirs, waterways and rivers with icons indicating boat ramps, dams, facilities, and danger areas Coastline detail, including thousands of small islands plus wrecks, obstructions and other hazards (no depth contours) Detailed U.S. map with cities, towns, highways, major local roads and interstates



Plan your next vacation or recreational outing with MapSource™ United States Roads & Recreation CD-ROM.

Features include:Trip and waypoint management functions**

Local, county, residential roads, and interstates for all 50 states

U.S. interstate exit information such as service stations, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites, hospitals, banks, and more

U.S. inland cartography with shoreline detail for lakes, reservoirs, rivers; icons indicating boat ramps, dams, marinas, public facilities, mile markers, and first-aid stations

U.S. nautical navaids such as daybeacons, radiobeacons, RACONs, fog signals, lights, buoys, and other navaids


*** Also comes with Car Adapter, Garmin Leather carrying case, Serial-Data cable*** USED ONLY 3 TIMES!!! ALL ITEMS ARE IN MINT CONDITION

Total retail value is $625 including software and accessories


Sacrifice at ONLY $350

This is the BEST of the BEST in GPS's

Contact me at 760-703-6639 or email me at cacountryman@yahoo.com

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Originally posted by cacountryman:

Will sell the GPS and the software for $200 cash. Will except moneyorder via FEDEX, will ship unit and software to you same day.


contact me at cacountryman@yahoo.com or phone 760-703-6639


I'll take it if he doesn't. Email me at chrishoward@usa.com or call me at 972-416-9215 during the day.



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Originally posted by sharpshutr:

Beware Fellow Geocachers- Do NOT buy anything from this guy. He takes your money and never ships the product. sharpshutr


A big clue was the fact he only accepted Money orders. plus this was one of those too good to be true deals. I only deal with people who will accept CC or Paypal and use CC to pay for it.

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