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which unit is better?


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Hi alot depends upon what you wish to do.

As a basic unit to start with the GC model is great it lets you load as much as you wish. Shows enough detail of each


cache page that there is not much left out. Only draw back is they don't contain detail maps.


I use an incar nav device to get to the general area and use my Magella GC to hunt down the accual cache.


I also own a 510 but really use it only for those much longer hikes where I need much more deatil.



Found the GC and 110 to be very user freindly.



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It really depends how technical you are.

Magellan GC is simple and although I don't use it, my caching companion, Slaytornator does. He is very untechnical and finds it to be great.

I am personally more technical and prefer Garmin's as they are slightly more powerful IMHO

I'd suggest the GC if only for caching therefore

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