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12-12-12 coin by USA Geocoins

Eric K

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Still working hard to get this coin just right. It may or may not be in before 12-12 but we wanted to go ahead and give you a preview. Hey, if the world ends on 12-12 it really wouldn't matter if you had it by the 12th anyway. :-)


Can you spot the 12-12-12 on this follow up to our 11-11-11 coin??



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HMmmm ... isn't it 12-21 (twenty-one) that is the target 'end-o-world' Mayan date ??


So yes, not having it on the 12th leaves NINE days in distress before it all ends.


I'll order ours from your website on the 22nd. Will make it more meaningful !! :anitongue:


Or wait ... put me down for one anyway ... just in case !! :o




OK ... you were posting while I was typing. I'm tuned in and waiting for the cue ... B)



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OK, we are now taking reservations.

Pics are up and information on the four finishes is available at

12-12-12 Geocoin Reservations!

Still only $9.99 for this LARGE 2 inch coin!!!

The coin has '12' written in numerous languages

Coins will be trackable and also numbered

Each coin version will be minted in multiples of 12 i.e. 1 of 12 through 12 of 12, 1 of 24 through 24 of 24 etc..





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All of the pre-paid invoices have been e-mailed.

If you have not received yours please contact us at support at usageocoins dot com.


Unfortunately the mint has informed us there will be a delay in getting the coins to us due to some minting issues and they should arrive shortly after the holidays. We will ship the pre-paid orders immediately when the coins are in stock.


Please contact us via the support at usageocoins dot com e-mail if you have any questions.



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The 12-12-12 coins are due to arrive Friday Jan 4th. We will be processing the pre-paid orders over the weekend. Once we are done with those we will start e-mailing the standard reservations.

Thank you for your patience.

If you pre-paid do not worry if your check hasn't been cleared yet, it just has not been deposited as of yet.

Thank you

USA Geocoins

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