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Does anyone know how to solve GC17P29? It is archived now and I never could figure it out. Thought I'd try here since the UK seems to have great puzzle makers and solvers.

I looked at it and couldn't figure it out, but I always suggest the easiest way to get help is to email the CO directly. They are usually really helpful and, I would think, might be even more so since the cache is archived. The CO is still active.

If you don't get an answer from the CO, you might try emailing some of the people who found the cache.

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Interesting dilemma, everyone spouts the mantra that puzzle solutions shouldn't be posted in forums, but does that apply to archived puzzles???



There could be other Puzzles using the same method out there!

The CO, or another cacher, may be setting a Puzzle with the same theme.


(Applies to the fact that the cache number/name has been used. Had the OP not mentioned which cache, that's another matter!)

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There was a puzzle cache / cypher/ code breaker link posted somewhere I thought it was on the 'follow the arrow' site but its not there

Can any one assist please ?






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