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How about an attribute 'Cave'?

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The attribute "Cave" or "Submontane" could be altered according to the coordinates the cache is placed.

In Germany for example this attribute could be used to automatically disable the cache and stop caching during a fixed time period (October -March) when German bats are hibernating and no one should disturb them.

During summer you are allowed to enter these caves and there is low risk to harm these animals. Therefore caching and cave excursions are possible without problems.


Alternatively an attribute "Bats" could be added to the list with the same effect.

(For Canada and the US you may add "Bears" as well :P )

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Personally, I would say a cache that could endanger bats (or any wildlife) should not be there.


This would meet something like any cache outside inhabited area...



Perhaps there was too much rauchbier? :unsure::lol:


I should have specified 'sensitive wildlife'.

Or areas where wildlife is particularly sensitive to disturbance.


I would hope the owner would disable the cache appropriately, and not rely on an automated system.

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