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GPS not working in Vietnam


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We're on holiday right now cruising through Vietnam and Cambodia.

We arrived today at our first desination Hanoi and as there are some caches here the first idea was to find out if there was one near the hotel (no, we`re not addicted :anicute: ).


But my GPS, an Oregon 450T, just doesn`t seem to be able to find the locations here... Anybody an idea what to do ?

We're here for a couple of days so I hope to get it sorted out in time and get some Vietnamese caches on the account :)

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You didn't say.... but how long did you let the unit search for satellites?


Traveling long distances without it turned on sometimes requires an inordinate amount of search time, even with a clear, unobstructed view of the sky.


EDIT to add: Believe it or not, fresh batteries assist with that function.

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Here's what I do when I travel by air. I pick a window seat and turn the GPS on and monitor the flight as though viewing the airline's "Air Show". It's awesome and very fun. The new Garmin Montana 650t allows you to download an icon of an airplane so it really is fun to watch. This also prevents problems with getting a satellite fix after having traveled a few thousand miles. My GPSr picks up a satellite within a minute anywhere in the world even after having traveled via air to another part of the world. Give it a try.

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