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How to delete account


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I need to delete this account and make another one as the validated email address is wrong...i tried to change the email but it wont let me as it says its in use which it is, with this account....so want to start over again



You can't delete an account.




Sounds like you should contact Groundspeak for help with this problem.






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Although, you can keep that account.


Create and add a new email to the old account... then select it as the primary email.

After that you can delete the first email from that account.

The next step is to add the correct email and select it as primary.

Finally you can delete the created email... if you want.

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Hi...this is JayneMR with my new account of Galaxias....i want the email i used for JayneMR on the Galaxias account, but i cant change it, when i put in the address in Galaxias its telling me the email address is in use...which it is obviously, and no-one at Groundspeak answer any emails it seems, i am already waiting 3 days for one to be answered and 2 days for this one to be answered.


Having said that...youve told me how to create an email account but no instructions where to go to do it

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