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low tide
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I've been Trying to learn how to use the pocket query feature to geocache with. When I select an area and have a PQ made, is it listing the caches randomly? Is there a way I can have them listed in an order I can go find them?


I did watch the PQ video, but I guess I'm still not quite sure how to use them to my advantage...

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One thing which is confusing, you say you have created a PQ...but you are not a PM??

It's the old 'Servers not in sync" thing.

Profile says Premium Member. Forums say No.


low tide. Log out of the Forums, then log back in to the Forums.


PQ's can be 'sorted' but only in a limited fashion on the Groundspeak site.

On the PQ page they can be sorted by distance. Nearest to furthest (as they are listed in the results) or click and it's reversed.

Can be sorted by D/T and Favourite points.


If you really want to sort caches, GSAK maybe/is the answer...


Caches in PQ's are generated by distance from your centre point out to the maximum distance - or until the number of caches is reached.

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