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Harry Dolphin

Must do caches in the Maritimes

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Headed for New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Labrador. Any caches that we should not miss?

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Yes, here are some of my favourites from that neck of the woods:


GC2B3KK in Labrador (called N53 W58).


GC1FMKJ in Labrador (called Boney Shore).


Also GC1YE75 if you're driving through northern Quebec to get to Labrador (called Uapishka - Mont Harfang).


GCG5FJ in Nova Scotia (What Lies Beneath).


GC8A2C in Prince Edward Island (I'm a Little Teapot). That one's a great virtual.


I have some favourites on the island of Newfoundland as well, but it looks like you're not headed there?


- hamgran

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