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....know which part of the icon indicates the cache?

The Real Boudica.
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When using the maps does a particular bit of the icon point to the cache site. Eg: the top left corner or the centre of the icon etc.


I am sure this has been discussed at some point possibly when the maps were changed, but I couldn't get any fruitful results with a forum search, probably got lost in all the angst. I think it used to be a bubble with a little tail and presumably the tail pointed to the cache but now I see just a square, no tail - or is this the result of a GM add on.


Just trying to get a bit of extra help on a recent DNF where my GPS was playing up before re-visting.

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In my experience, the geocache icons are placed centered on the coordinates on the standard MapQuest maps (the "View larger map" link). However, if you use one of the map links on the cache listing page (the ones just before the logs start), most of them have various arrows, pointers and icons with tails which point to the coordinates.


Tip: if you use the Google Maps link and switch to street view, the coordinate you searched for will show up as large, red pin in the picture, complete with shadow and everything. Useful-ish for planning urban searches, provided Google have street level pictures.


None of this is any useful if the CO have listed poor coordinates, though.

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Ah yes, thank you, I had forgotten about this feature, and even then was unsure if it would help as the cache is on a road with about two houses and sometimes the streetview camera doesn't bother with the less populated bits. However it did and if as you say the CO's c-ordinates are reasonable then this should help me out. I have no reason to believe they are bad. The last cache of theirs I did was unnervingly accurate.

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