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  1. I am probably being dumb but what exactly is that meant to show, it looks more like 'no legomen with their collars turned up allowed'
  2. There is geocachetrails.com user added I think.
  3. My husbands boss is a farmer, he claims he is immune to them now. He comes up in really nasty welts sometimes but has no sensation. Its as though the visible signs have taken over the physical sensation.
  4. Me too, tried several others but like this the best so far.
  5. Ah yes, thank you, I had forgotten about this feature, and even then was unsure if it would help as the cache is on a road with about two houses and sometimes the streetview camera doesn't bother with the less populated bits. However it did and if as you say the CO's c-ordinates are reasonable then this should help me out. I have no reason to believe they are bad. The last cache of theirs I did was unnervingly accurate.
  6. Try googling this, I had similar problems with my S1 when I first got it. I found several sites which gave a solution involving entering in to the gps set up menu and changing the configuration settings. If you google 'Galaxy S3 GPS issues' you will find several threads with similar suggestions although these are saying they can't get a lock on position at all, so you are ahead of the game on that front. I don't know why but it seems Samsung don't want people to be able to use there newest phones for navigation. They seem to have the configuration all wrong. I think this is an issue for a lot of their phones. Once I had done the changes suggested it pretty much works all the time, the times it doesn't, although frustrating, are too few to make me want to shell out on a GPS for my caching at the moment. Also have you tried the GPS Status app, that also helped. I am no way technically minded so I have no idea why either of these solutions worked.
  7. I went for a cache on Sunday. In shorts and flip flops, despite the CO mentioning on the cache page to be aware of nettles on the cache page. I didn't find it. I (re)learnt a lesson I should have already known. I would just mention it in the description. As others have said its pretty unavoidable in the UK especially with the recent weather. Heres hoping they're all going to die from dehydration now summer finally seems to have arrived.
  8. When using the maps does a particular bit of the icon point to the cache site. Eg: the top left corner or the centre of the icon etc. I am sure this has been discussed at some point possibly when the maps were changed, but I couldn't get any fruitful results with a forum search, probably got lost in all the angst. I think it used to be a bubble with a little tail and presumably the tail pointed to the cache but now I see just a square, no tail - or is this the result of a GM add on. Just trying to get a bit of extra help on a recent DNF where my GPS was playing up before re-visting.
  9. All fixed, apparently it was my 'period' that was causing the problem, an alarming thing to read in an email for a uk cacher
  10. Nope, tried the whole process again still displaying zilch apart from the section headings. Fired off email to them through the site. We will see? It isn't a problem with the PQ as it worked with cachestats so perhaps I will just stop worrying about it now. Although I have a different problem now, according to cachestats I should average 210 per year. As I will have been a member for a year come Thursday I have to find 8 caches by then to reach that. But I wasn't planning on caching today or tomorrow (up too early after said BBQ to do a morning on the farm/mudbath that is Latitude Festival site, tired now and planned early beers and a curry before doing it all again tomorrow then actually going to the festival) then its monday and normal work, and now I have to plan a caching trip - oh life is hard - (perhaps I need to give myself a day off or two one to rest after this stress and one to cache in ) and its all the fault of mygeocachingprofile.com!
  11. Just had a look on the site and right at the bottom of the help page it says that the site has been acquired by Groundspeak which I didn't know so perhaps someone will see this and look into it. If not, well its 5.43 and we have a BBQ to go to @ 6 and I think the clouds are receding, so I will stop fretting for now and go eat and drink . If there isn't a solution in the morning I will send them an email. Nice to know it (probably) isn't just me being dumb!
  12. I hadn't tried yet, so I did but that but didn't work . It wouldn't really matter but its 4.23pm Fri, I am ready for the weekend so trying to do anything but work at the moment and obsessing about this is as good as anything else. Thanks anyway.
  13. I have successfully used this before to show my statistics on my public profile but last time I tried to update it it didn't appear to change anything when I went to preview it before exporting, it showed the same find count, 187 or something, I exported it anyway but the find count stayed the same, i thought maybe it took a while to update the GC site, but it stayed at that for several days. However it did correct itself at some point as when I just went to look it had increased to 198, as I had passed 200 I wanted to update again, this time the preview showed only the titles for each element not stats, I tried the export anyway but sure enough my profile shows only titles no stats. Is it broken? Is anyone else having problems? Is there any other tools that are better? I am in the UK, so didn't really want to have to trawl through all the state sections and US based challenges anyway.
  14. Then you probably need to post in features and suggestions. Next one down.
  15. The free ones, geobeagle, c:geo opensource, neon geo trial etc should be available to you through the market (I think) without registering a card. I don't have a credit card either and (at least in the UK) a debit card is accepted. As far as I know none are available directly from this website.
  16. From what I have gathered from here. Iphone users seem happy with the app. Android users not so. It is quite different and personally I think there are better ones out there for less or free. Neongeo is my favourite currently but geobeagle is quite good too although not as slick its free.
  17. If you have downloaded cgeo that's not the official Groundspeak app. I haven't used cgeo for awhile it may be that you haven't logged on or don't have data on. Although most i phone users seem happy with the gs app the android version is not IMHO that great. Try neon geo its authorized by gs and there is a 30 day free trial. The full version is much cheaper too. Good luck and welcome.
  18. Do you need a specific size for a bug or is it just so's you can log a 'large' find, if the latter, as I know cache in this area then the latter one listed above, Dunwich Dial Dilema The Bonus GC351XC, was good fun, takes a while, over an hour probably as you have to do the original to get the bonus co-ords, Confused lock com is great as well.
  19. You will need some connection to get the cache details into your phone but when out looking for them you can turn it off and use gps only. Try c:geo opensource although some people will tell you that violates the sites terms or there's a trial version of neongeo that's free for 30 days. I like that a lot.
  20. I don't have an iphone but from memory on the navigation page there is flag i think at the top (left?) tap that and you can enter a waypoint from there. Its not very intuitive and i reckon that has to be the most asked question on the iphone app. smartphone Edit because of stupid smartphone
  21. Are you sure you are logged in? Sorry if that's a daft question.
  22. I wondered about this for a while as it seemed i had all the features with the phone needed but eventually got three months premium to try it out. I find it is so much more convenient with pocket queries, not having to worry about data connection being the main benefit. Also alot of the other apps on the market which work far better than the official one and are cheaper or free are much easier to use with premium membership.
  23. Many thanks for all the suggestions but as suspected we had a pretty full week and we didn't manage to get to any suggested caches, my companions were getting a bit annoyed with me to be frank and so I was only able to grab a few along the way in the most part, can't believe I actually manged to solve the above puzzles but didn't get to find them while I was there. The plan was there, unfortunately certain people were late getting ready (I don't do early mornings but seriously when you have to just get on with it) the morning dawned thick fog so the journey took longer than planned and we arrived at the boat with only about 10 mins to spare instead of the requested 45. Not that I was panicking at all . I was tempted to make them wait on the way back as punishment for raising my stress levels but it was hubby's 40th B Day and we were keen to get back for a few pints. I think my most memorable cache just because of the challenge (suffolk softie) was Kernows Highpoint on Brown Willy but another lovely one was Wonderful Woodland Waterfall Walk for the hidden gem of a location. I think all of the caches were fairly standard containers(limited due to antsy hubby not liking the hanging around that might have come with more ingenious ones) but in stunning locations. There are so many places to hide them but still with a challenge especially on the moors.
  24. A totally different feel to this - again not a great photo technically this time due to the camera and not the weather - I seemed to have messed up the camera settings - can you tell we were quite pleased with ourselves Kernows Highpoint - GC7682
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