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Looking For Geocoin. HELP!

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There are a number of pirate geocoins and tags on sale on ebay right now. Just type in "pirate geocoin" in the search. Some are pretty overpriced, but there is a decent pirate travel tag (not too scary, either!) that's really reasonable. I can't remember where they came from in the first place. Or you could try this place Space Coast or this one drives. Good luck!

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There are several out there for sale - you don't have to wait for an auction to close - buy it direct is always a good option.


Geocoinstore has a pirate coin - round with a treasure map theme.

Also has blackbeard coins

coinsandpins have Compass rose and other navigation coins - not quite pirate, but close

Landsharkz has fish bowls.

geoswage has pirates of Idylwood, as well as many sea themed travel tags

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42Cacher those are pretty cool. But I don't think I could even begin I know how to order from that page. Haha.


Go to website.

On right side of page change language to English (or US)

click on Pirate geocoins (left side of page)

choose coins, add to cart.

Complete or continue shopping.

When all chosen, complete order.

Add location - this is black and will highlight to light blue.

continue through the prompt for address, mailing costs etc.

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