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It's been a while.... but ;)

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Oak coins and I are up to something again.... shiny, a bit see through here and there, and nautical again ;).....


Curious yet?

Curious? Are you joking?

We're never curious.... We only have to know everything... :laughing:


Where are the pictures? At least tiny teasers?


Shiny, see through AND nautical, it sounds like a must have for me! :anicute: :anicute: :anicute:

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My guess is that it's something to do with diving or submarines....

some possibilities....


240 years since the first compressed air diving dress185 years since an air cylinder fed diving helmet

185 since helmet fed by air cylinders

175 since standard diving dress


150 since Alligator (first US Navy Submarine)

130 years since first anthropomorphic diving suit

105 since Ubootretter


100 years since US Navy adoption of decompression tables by Haldane, Boycott and Damant.


95 since Mk V helmet


75 since US Navy revised dive tables, AND desco heavy bottom walking suit

70 since GC42


65 since first aqualung death


60 since first wetsuit

60 since coining of term SCUBA


54 since first nuclear powered submarine made a submerged transit of the arctic


50 since worlds first aquanaut


45 sealab was underway (a few years into it)


15 years since the (movie) of titanic

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