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Sylvania SYNETA7 vs Geocaching

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I recently acquired a Sylvania SYNETA7 Netbook with the Android v2.2 OS. Rather than use my expensive Toshiba laptop, can the aforementioned netbook be successfully used for geocaching without much trouble? If no, then why? If yes, what programs are recommended for it? While on the road, I'll be connecting to various open WIFI systems, typically found at Safeway, Fred Meyers, Starbucks and etc. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Do you mean to connect to the internet and browse geocaching.com or do you mean to use it as a gps device? I can't see anywhere in it's specifications that it is a gpsr, but I would imagine that you could search geocaching.com with it :unsure:


It pretty much does the browsing of GC okay like a regular laptop, but I also want to interface it with my Garmin GPSr for downloading and storing cache information. Is there an Android version of CacheMate or something better for this computer? Also, I am in need of a detailed manual for this netbook. The one I found online seems to be seriously lacking a lot of necessary data to set it up properly.

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