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Menu drop down issues for iOS devices

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When a drop down menu is selected (e.g. "Your Profile", "Play", etc) on Safari running on an iOS device, the menu momentarily appears and then the web site whisks the user away to the top level link for that menu, preventing the ability to select anything from it


Now, this behavior is fine on "your profile" because you can access sub menu times from the quick profile page that appears, but logging a trackable or viewing challenges from the "play" menu is much tougher.


The behavior of these menus should be similar to desktop browsers. When the menus appear, you should be able to select a sub-menu item without the page switching away.

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Hmm. On a regular computer with a mouse, those menus open up when you simply "hover" over it. But from what you're saying, on a touchscreen device, since you can't hover, you have to click on the menu to open it, but then it navigates to the first item on the menu. Sounds like bad design to me.

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Now that I've experimented some more I think I agree. If you tap just slightly above the menu link it seems to not select anything else in the menu list.


Otherwise if you just tap on the menu link text itself (e.g. Community) it seems to go to some default location (like the forums). What's weird is it doesn't pick the first item in the menu.


Still, there should be a way to minimize that effect for people with smaller screens.

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