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Suggest new log type for trackables: "Request mark missing"


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We all know how annoying or frustrating it is to see a cache with TBs listed, only to find the cache, but not the trackables!

(Our record is 11 listed with 0 in the cache!).


Many times I then look at the TB info and see that it's obviously missing, i.e been listed in that cache for months (if not years) with multiple logs on either the TB or the cache itself saying its not there any more.


In these situations, I like to add a note requesting the owner mark the trackable as "missing" (only 'sometimes' because it's not possible from within the iPhone App, but I've added a separate bug report for that).


I would like to see a new log type for trackables where we can "request mark missing".

I suggest it acts like the TB equivalent of "needs archived" - getting a prompt sent to the owner, allowing a grace period similar to the cache 30 days, then being automatically removed from the cache it's listed against and marked "missing".

I see it then laying 'dormant' in the system unless the owner actually "archives" it - just in case someone randomly finds it in the bottom of their cache bag months later!


I would like to see this functionality on the main site, but also (and particularly!) on the iPhone App! (and other smart phones) - for field reporting.


Thank you for reading and happy caching!

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