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  1. I like MrsB 's idea. I have another option that might work. Make it work like flagging on Craigslist. On Craigslist if there an ad that does not meet the guidelines, it can be flagged. It takes multiple flags from multiple user to remove an ad. After the missing TB is "flagged" for not going in a cache it could be marked as missing. My kids love looking for TB's and it is so frustrating driving to a cache and seeing them get excited when a cache says it has 12 TB's only to find out they have been missing for months.
  2. I have several items I carry for safety while caching, A walking stick and a handgun with snake shot it. I guess other people have different ideas of Practicing Safe Caching.
  3. Fluffy...... I love your idea. I have suggested it before. I hope people are watching
  4. @ Kunarion... what does OP and TO ( I am guessing Trackable Owner) stand for?
  5. My advice for people that have found someones TB. When you find the next caches before you drop it in another one..... have the TB "visit" the other caches. This shows the cache owner that it is still alive and moving, and it add miles onto the total.
  6. I would love to be able to search for Caches containing TBs, from my iPhone APP. Just like I can sort it now by size, difficulty, etc....
  7. I totally agree, about trackable saying they are still in caches. Owners of the TB or the cache owner should be marking this as "missing" However this really is not happening. There should be a function that people can "flag" an item missing like on craiglist. After so many "flags" it would go into a missing status.
  8. Thanks for that! I didn't know it was so easy. But like Droo said, just because it's listed in the cache, it doesn't mean it's actually still in the cache. But hopefully they are! I checked again and noticed that it only shows geocoins around my home location. If I pan around the map it doesn't show any others. Am I missing something? I'm looking for something like "live map" for the trackables. Is there such a thing? Thanks.
  9. I usually send a polite message after a couple months. I wish that people would have the TB visit caches when the have it and are currently are finding caches. That way we know they have it and it is active and milage is increasing.
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