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Hide and Seek (A Novel)

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In Florida there is this program called "Sunshine State Readers". Apparently one of the newest books in the program involves geocaching. Here is some information on the program first:


"The Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program is a statewide reading motivation program for students in grades 3-8. The program, cosponsored by the School Library Media Services Office of the Department of Education and the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME), began in 1983. The purpose of the SSYRA Program is to encourage students to read independently for personal satisfaction, based on interest rather than reading level. "


Well my sister is going into seventh grade and she came knocking on my door this morning telling me that I NEED to read this book when she’s done. After getting over my shock of her actually reading a book (Ha) I asked her why and she said that it has Geocaching in it. I was surprised, and I was wondering if anyone has read this book?


Here is the book: http://www.amazon.com/Hide-Seek-Katy-Grant/dp/1561456691/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1338318023&sr=8-2

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You're very welcome :) I went to check why Amazon said the book wasn't out yet, and I found out the link was to the Paperback version. Only the hardcover book is out now.


Heres a description if anyone else is interested:


Fourteen-year-old Chase lives with his mother, stepfather, and two siblings in the high country of Arizona, where they rent cabins and run a convenience store both tourist-driven business that aren t doing very well. The family is considering a move back to Phoenix, where Chase s father lives and there are better opportunities both for parents and children. Chase loves the high country and doesn t want to leave. In particular, he loves geocaching, a sort of a treasure hunting game involving a GPS. While on a geocaching expedition, he encounters two young brothers, camping in the wilderness with their father. Something s not right; that much he can tell. He s curious enough to return repeatedly, to figure out what s going on and how he can help. Ultimately he learns that the brothers have been kidnapped by their father from their mother, who has custody. Just as Chase s family is trying to decide what to do with their future, he has to decide what role he s going to play in Jack and Sam s life.

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Geocaching is very a pivotal part of the plot for this book and sets up the adventure/mystery.


The scenery in the book is authentically the White Mountains area of Arizona. Between Pinetop/Lakeside and Eager/Springerville on the AZ 260. Near the Sunrise Ski Resort. You can go to Greer, AZ (take AZ 373 - The "road to nowhere" and find all of the places mentioned in the book. Although they are named slightly differently, there are plenty of familiar landmarks. There is a general store with cabins and a trail where elk and wildlife are running about. And many geocaches as well to find in all these areas.


It is a beautiful part of the country and is often overlooked by anyone but AZ residents because of the Grand Canyon being in the other quadrant of the state. That of course is very beautiful in its own way.


That being said, Greer has some good fly fishing, hunting in season, and other outdoor activities. There are plenty of cabins to stay at that are pretty reasonable.


This area is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours NE of Phoenix and is actually closer to the New Mexico border. If you ever get the chance you should go. The area was touched by a big fire in 2011 but most of the forest did survive intact. Most of us in PHX escape the heat there in summer and go skiing in the winter.

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