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505 server error during pocket queries


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I am recieving a 505 server error when I generate pocket queries. I tried it a couple of times and recieved the same error.

The source code at the bottom reads:

<!-- Server: WEB06; Build: Web.HotFix_20120523.2 -->


Thank you.


What web browser are you using? I just ran PQs without issue via Google Chrome and the latest Mozilla Firefox. That response code sounds like your client might not be supported.


Also, please detail the specific action that generates the error and let us know the type of PQ you're trying to generate. Screenshots are always helpful in this situation.

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I am using the latest version of IE. Pocket queries worked fine the day before, but then stopped working yesterday and today. The error occures after I make the selections in the "new pocket query" page and then click to generate the query. The list of queries show up in the "Active Pocket Queries" page, but they do not generate in the "Pocket Queries Ready for Download" page.

Thank you.

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We have identified an issue where PQs created off of the newly-reimplemented Google Map are being created with a null radius, leading to server errors. We have corrected these PQs in the database and so you should now be able to access them (although you should check to confirm that the radii are what you want them to be now). The underlying issue on the Google Map should be corrected shortly.

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