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JavaScript now essential?????


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Originally posted by Lazy Leopard:

Seems to be something browser-specific (unless UBB version has changed since Sunday evening) 'cos Netscape 4.7x on W2K here seems to cope Ok without JavaScript enabled, but Mozilla 1.0 on linux wouldn't do anything with the BBS unless JavaScript was enabled....




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The forum software THINKS netscape 4.x can't handle the new interface, so it falls back to the old one. Fine by me! I'll continue to use 4.8 to use the old interface. I have noticed that other sites using UBB.x sometimes have a choice between the 2 interfaces. Maybe that would be a good option to have set in our profile. This way those of us not using IE and Windows (and those that just don't like enabling JS or java) could select the old UI.


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Yep, I'd really like that to be a user-selectable option. Please.


Even with JavaScript enabled the new interface is pretty difficult to use with Mozilla on linux. It pops up its own windows with its own (silly microscopic) choice of font sizes, and generally makes life difficult for the user. Unfortunately I don't have an old version of netscape on my linux system to use there though.


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