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Inventory bug


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Not a bug. See this Help Center article on Trackable Collections.

Collectible = "The coin may be collected by another player or the owner."

Based on the goal for that TB, it's likely that the owner didn't realize they had made this TB collectible, and actually doesn't want it to be collected. Also, from the above article:

You will receive an email when a trackable you own has been added to a collection.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if you get an email from the owner asking what's up.

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Fair enough. Actually, I'm not convinced.


This Collectable/Non Collectable nonsense has never made much sense to me.


Moving ones own trackables to the Collection makes sense, but I fail to see why a TB owner would want someone else to more it to their collection.


I've always assumed that collectable referred to 'collecting' the icons; not allowing other cachers to keep the physical trackable itself! :huh:




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Yes, I agree, it's bizarre.


If someone marks their own trackable as Collectible (because they've misunderstand what "Collectible" means in the context of trackables and they're thinking to themselves, "Yes, I'm going to put it out into a cache and I want another cacher to come along and collect it from that cache to move it along...") and they drop it into a cache to start its travels... any cacher who finds it has the ability to move it into their own Collection, even though it still belongs to the original owner.


I really wish Groundspeak would reconsider the wording and advice in the Help Center re Collectible/Not Collectible.



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