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idea for a geocaching.com prize(treasure)


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Here is an idea. Geocaching.com could sell one time use cards or tokens to do pocket queries or use some other members only services. This would be a valuble prize, allow people to try out pocket queries, and generate cash to keep the site alive.


Like a phone card kind of thing.

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No, I think he meant something of value that you could leave in a cache that geocachers would look forward to -- a prize aimed at geocaching hobbyists, while at the same time helping the "cause".


Currently, other than a GPS or batteries, there's not a lot that an (adult) cacher would be excited about finding that pertains to the sport. I think it's a good idea.


I suppose geocoins or other merchandise falls under this category, but it doesn't entice people to become members. Is the one month subscription available as a gift certificate to leave for a finder?


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Hey, this sounds like a great idea to me! We've got several cachers in this area who haven't become paying members. I'd spend $3.00 (or slightly more) to place a card or token in a cache that would allow them to try it out for a month.


And--as is the thinking for businesses that allow gift certificates--there's always a good chance no one will actually use the thing...so that's just plain gravy. icon_wink.gif




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So, basically, right now they have:

Monthly Premium Membership (Renews Monthly)

Annual Premium Membership (Does not renew)

Annual Premium Membership (Renews Annually)

So, you just want one more type added:

Monthly Premium Membership (Does not renew)

Then you could simply buy a membership or few and leave the S-number activation code on a card in the cache, and anybody could pick it up, activate, and try it out. I just don't know what the overhead is on memberships... is it low enough that adding this fourth option (monthly, non-renewing) would be worthwhile (especially considering it would get a bit of traffic, considering what a great cache prize it would be)?


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