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In a nutshell the puzzle is below and is driving me nuts. Any help would most greatly appreciated.


DISC is now more commonly an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. All individuals display characteristics of all four factors which can be identified as being either 'High' or 'Low'. There is an article on Wikipedia about it. The link to it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DISC_assessment


Dominance refers to how individuals relate to control, power and authority. eg, High = Competitive, Low = Unassuming

Influence refers to how individuals relate to others and styles of communication. eg, High = Confident, Low = Retiring

Steadiness refers to individual's pace and patience. eg, High = Relaxed, Low = Tense

Compliance refers to how an individual relates to policy, structure and organisation. eg, High = Disciplined, Low = Defiant


Read the description of the cache below, decide which characteristics refer to which factor, both High and Low, then transfer the numbers into the co-ordinates to find the cache!


'This cache is located under a rather forceful and assertive container - it really can't be missed when you have the co-ordinates. It is a mobile little number and can be quite restless and active when you pick it up, so please be alert so as not to drop it and use firm handling. It is very demonstrative and fidgety and can take on different shapes. One would even say it was quite independent with a mind of it's own. I'm sure it will be a positive experience to find it.


The cache itself is quite reserved, however, and appears a little self-conscious. It is fairly compliant and logical in caching terms with a log book, pencil, FTF medal, TB and room for small items. Please be careful

and systematic when replacing it under the outer as it could easily get stuck - rigid to be precise! But being dependable cachers, you will be accurate in this and be accomodating to the enjoyment of others, won't you?'


Now decide how many characteristics displayed relate to High D, Low D, etc and transfer into the co-ordinates below:


N 53 High D High C High S Low C 1

W002 High I 9 Low D Low I Low S


Hint: Please note that the characteristics are mixed up between the descriptions of the cache and outer and some may be perceived as relating to more than one factor but do only apply to one!! There are 22 in total and are all one word characteristics.... (hyphenated word counts as one)


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi there,


It's generally considered "bad form" to ask in the Forums for help on a specific puzzle with this level of detail. It would be fine to have a discussion topic about a general puzzle solving technique.


The reason for this forum ethic is because the puzzle would be "spoiled" if its solution were disclosed in a public forum. The website terms of use say not to do this.


I recommend writing to the owner of the puzzle cache to ask for help. Most puzzle cache owners WANT their caches to be found, and are happy to assist with a nudge in the right direction. In your email, describe how far along you've gotten with analyzing the puzzle.

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According to section 4 of the geocaching.com terms of use, "You agree not to: [...] (m) Publish, on any Groundspeak owned web property, the solutions, hints, spoilers, or any hidden coordinates for any geocache without consent from the cache owner." However, here are some general puzzle tips (based in part on a puzzle-solving class event presented by The Rat a while ago):


Identify the theme. Check the cache title, the hint, the HTML source, the graphics (including names/URLs), any links (including URLs), whatever is at the posted coordinates, etc. If you can figure out the theme, then you should look for numbering systems that are associated with that theme (zip codes, athletes’ jersey numbers, episode numbers, product codes, etc.).


Around here, coordinates will have 15 digits, and will look like "N 37° xx.xxx W 122° xx.xxx". So when I'm solving a nearby puzzle, I look for a group of 15 things, and then I look for ways to get the digits 37xxxxx122xxxxx from them. In general, I look for ways to get the number 37 (or the digits 3 and 7) from something near the beginning of the puzzle, and the number 122 (or the digits 1, 2, and 2) from something near the middle of the puzzle. (Of course, you'll need to adjust this for the coordinates near you.)


Other useful resources include:

Puzzle Solving 101 Series (bookmark list)

Puzzle Shortcuts Series (bookmark list)

Solving Puzzle Caches (online article)

How Do I Solve All These $@! Puzzle Caches? (tutorial-style puzzle cache)

Puzzle FUNdamentals (archived event cache) and the Puzzle FUNdamentals resources on the GeocacheAlaska! education page

The GBA's Puzzle Cache FAQ (for puzzle designers, but useful for understanding how puzzle caches work)


If you’re interested in extremely challenging puzzles, then consider the online discussions of Venona’s ACTIVITIES in the GBA forums. The puzzles for this annual event are very challenging, intended to be solved by multiple people working together online. (You'll need to register on the GBA site to view these forum threads.)

Overview: Venona's 2011 ACTIVITIES

Overview: Venona's 2012 ACTIVITIES

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