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Main problem - lack of prevalence. While there are now more of these popping up because of the centennial, there are not enough world-wide to sustain a category. That would be my guess, unless someone has some statistics on this. And, those that commemorate the centennial can be waymarked in the current Commercial Commemoration category. There is, in fact, already one such waymark there. Probably, most other waymarks pertaining to the Titanic could be placed in other categories as well. That is the nature of these themed categories - they pull from multiple other categories around a particular theme. I'm not saying that is a bad concept, but there has to be good justification to do so.

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I have seen a few 'Titanic' momentoes on my travels. There is a collection in the Pattaya "Ripley's"—small world. I will confess I have a reservation or two about 'recovering' items from the wreck, but then why not? As SQ says, Titanic memorabilia are already covered, so lets say we would need a clear 500 Titanic items before establishing a separate category. Why 500? It is a number not too big, but not too small. Maybe we could ask Mr Cameron?

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