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Help me set up a 'Wounded warrior' cache series


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I know that all of our returning service people are not visually wounded, so the series of caches should be for all of them, but I am thinking limited mobility should be on the list. So many of our service people have given so much.

I have read this Forum enough to see that we have some very smart Peeps here, let's have some ideas.

My thoughts are maybe 4 or 5, maybe Lock-and-lock type containers, maybe some hanging, adding some micros, maybe at city, county parks, and?????????? Themed?

I have already got permission from our local county park for a cache, they are 'on board' for Geocaching.

Thanks, OzzOzz

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I'm confused. What kind of help are you asking for? Are you looking for ideas for caches to honor wounded vets? or for ideas for caches that can be found by wounded vets? or both? or something else?

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