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How do Member Only Caches work?


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I was woundering how the Mocaches will work on the web site. I am curious how do you set a cache you create as MOC or a PAC.


Right now I am not a member. If I do a zip code search on www.geocaching.com and there are MOC within the specified distance of my zip will they show up on the search? If I click the details I will not get the info I assume. Or are MOC invisible to non-members?





P.S. There are lot of thread for discussion the pro/cons of MOC I started this one hoping to learn about the mechanics of MOC not the moral/political implication. icon_smile.gif

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When a cache owner is on the edit screen for one of their caches, and if that owner is a member, then there is a new checkbox to set the cache as member only or not.


When you view a search results page, if there are any mocaches, they will be listed right along with the public caches, but with a notation that it is a members only cache. They are not hidden from non-members on the search results. If a non-member, or a member who is not logged in clicks on the details link of a mocache, they are blocked with the appropriate message.




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Originally posted by mcb:


Or are MOC invisible to non-members?

Since there aren't very many MOC's yet, try a state search rather than a zip code search. For instance if you do a state search on Utah, a MOC is the 4th one on the list (right now).


It looks the same as the others, but has a "Members only" link under the date and a charter icon by the cache title.


I'm assuming that if you try to get details and are a non member, it will take you to the subscription page for information...




What is Project Virginia?

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