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eTrex 20 help

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I recently began caching with an eTrex 20. For the most part, I'm becoming proficient with it and have used it to locate over 20 caches.


However, I've got one cache that's got me stumped because I don't know how to make the GPSr do what I need it to do in order to locate the cache. I've gone through the user manual but have not been able to locate the detail that addresses this particular challenge.


The cache is set up so that you need to first navigate to a fixed set of coordinates and locate a statue. (easy enough)

Step 2 is to 'shoot an azimuth' of 201 degrees for 240 yards.


I've read-up online about azimuth and understand it to be a clockwise degree measurement from N where 180 is south. (so...this s/b around S-SW)


I think I can get the garmin to do the distance part -- I need to go for approximately .14 mi in the noted direction. However, can someone help me figure out the best way to get the GPSr to set me on a 201 degree track (and help keep me on it ?) I tried navigating w/ the compass but it only gives me degrees in 15 degree slices.

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Not 100% sure but I assume that it would be the same as on my etrex 10.


Go into way point manager

select the way point you are after (in this case the cache)

A screen with the cache number, location, elevation, and map and OK buttons appear.

Press the button on the left hand side bottom (EDIT, just checked and it is called the menu button), this brings up a context menu.

Select Project Way point.

Enter bearing in degrees

Set projection distance units

Enter distance

It should then save

Select new way point under way point manager and navigate.

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