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Awarding Cache Points


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Has anyone ever thought of awarding cache points per find based on terrain and overall difficutly. Then based on the number of points a person has accumulated, they are then entitled to a different level of caches. Kind of like memebers only but in order to see the next level of caches, you would need X number of points.


I.e. 5, 5 -- 25 points. 4,4 -- 20 points, 3,3 -- 15 points, 2,2 -- 10 points, and 1,1, -- 5 points. You could also have spin offs like 5,3 = 15 points, 1,3 would get 10 points, etc.

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Half of the people seem to be confused about just finding caches in general... I can't imagine any kind of points based rating system where a person would have to earn the right to access certain caches. I mean, at least not officially, here on the site.


Sounds like something that a local or state geocaching group might do on the side, as a contest. But in general, people tend to not think of this hobby as a competition.


- Toe.


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