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Hiding a temporary cache at campsite?

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Under the "Cache Permanence" guidelines, geocachers expect that caches listed on Geocaching.com will be available for a reasonable, extended period of time. If, by the time someone's received their Friday pocket query and planned their route for Sunday afternoon, you've picked up and moved along, that searcher would not be a happy camper. (Pardon the pun.)


For more details please see this Listing Guideline Page. You will see that three months is the bare minimum period that can be presumed to have "permanence."

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Keep in mind that if you camp in state or county parks, many of those have their own rules regarding geocaching. You will not get a listing approved if you have not complied with those rules (often including getting written permission from park personnel). I can't see where that's worth the effort for a long weekend, or even a full week.



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