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Admin messaging capability


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I believe there should be an 'administrative' messaging capability put in the login process. This would be a 1-way informational message, sent by an administrator to an individual cacher (i.e. when their email address is wrong). I know that there are issues here as to when a message of this nature is appropriate, and who would approve them. Email by itself appears to be inadequate, however.


Here's why:

A cacher named Zelph (and probably others) are moving travel bugs without using the tag #s. I am sure he thinks he is doing it right, but is causing bugs to disappear. I am trying to help one of the owners track where he placed their bug, but his email appears to be wrong (or never checked). He is an active cacher, so a brief login-message to update/check his email could allow us to fix the issue easily. He has now moved 4 bugs, at least one of which is still lost.

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