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PETITION: Ability to include "ignore caches with no activity in last 7 days" in your queries.

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Background: While I'm sure those in higher concentrations have experienced this long before I have, it's getting so that my queries exceed the 500 cache limit. Many of these caches have not been logged one way or the other or modified in the last 7 days. As queries can only cycle on a maximum of 7 days, I think the time frame is appropriate. Plus, the difference in updating your records with a record that hasn't changes and not updating that record is zero. I'd rather leave that slot taken up with an unchanged record open for one that has.


Proposal: Add option to Pocket Queries to "Ignore unchanged caches." This meaning when selected that caches that have not been logged or changed in any way will not be included in query.


Purpose: Exclude useless information in PQ if you are maintaining a local database leaving room in the 500 cache limit for records than have been changed. This is different that what's available to us right now. We can have caches that have been modified and caches that have been logged as found. However, DNF and Note logs are important, as well, and AFAIK can't be included in the query at present.


(Yes, this is similar to something TimPaula proposed, only different because of set timeframe. This solution allows queries run at anytime and doesn't need any new records to be added to DB, i.e. "last query run." )



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There are a lot of ways to run with your proposal. "No caches with the last log was a skunk". Another is a variable date.


Some caches with no activity don't have any 'issues'. They just haven't been found.


Still I'm pretty close to your delima. Too many caches in my home turf to keep up with.



Wherever you go there you are.

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Originally posted by Dawn&Richard:

Why not just partition your area up and make multiple queries out of it?


That's the work-around I'd be using when I build this one task I working on. The problem is it will take multiple days and multiple queries. However, one query should suffice to keep it up to date.


The plan is to work towards fewer queries. I generally use a single query for most of my stuff and let Spinner do the rest. But a trip I'm planning requires more effort.





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