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Hi all. Sorry for the late reply. I am the keeper of Cacherstats. The web hosting company took the website down because of excessive resource consumption. After some anaylsis, it was determined that a bot was beating up on the site so we are now atempting to put an end to the bot caused problems. We thought we had it all taken care of but for some reason, the stand in page cannot be removed. Their tech support staff has been trying to resolve that issue since midday Saturday. Hopefully we will get things under control soon.

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I am happy to report that Cacherstats.com is back up and running. Some of the data is a little out of sync but right now the goal is to identify the true source of the problem and to provide solutions that will keep the problem from reoccuring. I will try to keep you informed about what is going on with posts here. The ultimate solution may be down the road a piece, but proper solutions will be found. Ya all have fun and go find some caches for me to count.

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