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First make a Bookmark list.

Then add all the caches hidden by your favorite cacher to the list.

You can then make a PQ from the bookmark list.


To expand on this—

You will find a particular cacher's hides from his/her profile page (in the "Geocaches" tab). There then follows a tedious procedure of opening each cache, bookmarking it as per AZcachemeister's suggestion, and then returning to the cacher's Placed listing for the next one.


This can be aided by some Greasmonkey scripts which will place a Bookmark icon on the listing page.


But the best solution is to download GSAK. GSAK is a geocaching database that does allow you to search by user name. With the latest version of GSAK you could run a query to, say, download all caches within 10 km of you home. It would then download all those caches from geocaching.com and then display them. You could then filter that by the owner's name.


You can then load that result directly onto your GPS. You can also upload your result in GSAK back onto geocaching.com (if you have a empty Bookmark list waiting) and from there create a PQ.


Well worth the extra $US30 in my opinion.

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