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Creepy micro searches

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I searched for a cache in Maryland that was at a Chick-Fil-A drive through. And I mean right on top of the cars ordering food. It was a shrub shaped like a cow. Well, from reading the previous logs, I had some idea of where to look laughing.gif Let's just say that I spent the next several minutes buried up to my elbow in the cow's nether regions bad_boy_animated.gif When I didn't find it in the "round" cuts of meat, I moved to...let's just say I went at it from a bit lower position. All I kept saying is "don't look at them, don't look at them" as the cars passed by the drive through. I cold only imagine mothers covering their children's eyes and old ladies deciding they didn't have much of an appetite after all laughing.gif


After a few minutes, a man walks up and I am already starting to come up with a reason why I have been getting intimate with this cow in a way that may very well be illegal in this state. He then informs me that he is the CO and came to check on the cache since it was indeed missing. "You just made my day watching you for the past 5 minutes!" he said.


True story!

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