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How do I use this thing


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I am new to the GPS world and Geocaching. How do I get the geocaches on my device? When I select download waypoints it gives me the option to open or save, but how do I get them on my etrex? Also anyone know how to use the compass on this thing, can't even find out how to get to the feature. Thanks

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Wow did not mean to cause so much controversy :laughing: I am slowly figuring it out, will be heading out this next week to find my first cache, will see how it goes.

You are not causing controversy... I'm not sure if anyone tried to answer your question yet, private messaging? I guess since I was taking a gentle jibe at PP who initially missed the device type (thought he was going to proceed from that point), I might make amends by chiming in a bit.


First I know virtually nothing about the Vista series, BUT... most Garmins behave similarly. There are three routes that I know of to get caches into your device. One is direct manual entry of the numbers, see the manual for help on creating a waypoint as suggested.

Thing to watch on manual entry is 'finger' errors (the kind where you tell it one thing but it types something else or in the wrong place). That is why most transfer from the computer. Computer linking is dependent on having a cable to link them up. Also you will need Garmin Communicator (free from Garmin). The simple form is to go to a cache page, with everything connected and simply 'send to GPS' The Communicator program transfers data into a Geocaching folder on you GPS. As you show as a premium member, then you probably want to get to use the Pocket Query eventually. Some can simply transfer the PQ file to the folder, and some you have to use an intermediary program... I'm not able to do that so I know little about that.


Some GPS use data cards, and those could be processed out of the machine in your computer for transfer, but... that's a hassle to do to often. I like to do bulk transfer from my Camera that way, but never for the GPS. Some people do swap maps that way if so equipped.


You can also do the 'send to GPS' trick from the search listings, you have to select which you want based on your search criteria.

Easier to do that tell about. And each GPS has it's own quirks. Many of the older ones or simpler ones are limited in how much data is transfered for each, some of that is my curse for being a lowly basic... PMs may get more as a perk.


Now some of the others may chip in if they haven't privately... BTW finding a local to you cacher with the same unit will often be the easiest route to learn how to use it.


Doug 7rxc

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Nice GPS. Mine just died after 6 years or so. Bought an eTrex 30 to replace it.

I use GSAK to create a GPX file. Download Garmin's POI loader. Plug the GPS into the computer. Use POI loader to transfer them to the GPS. It takes some work to get it done right. But once you have it figured out, it works great! Good luck, and have fun.

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