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Memory card issues

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I decided that I wanted to start doing more geocaching so I went to load some GPX files on the SD card. So from my computer I went to the sd card /Garmin/GPX and I dropped some GPX files in there. Nothing will show up. So I did some searching and read about putting in the Current folder, I did that and still nothing shows up. I then put the GPX files in the internal memory and copy pasted the entire GPX folder from internal memory to the SD card. Still wont display any thing. So I did a hard rest and tried everything again and still the only way I can view Geocaches is if they are in internal memory.


The SD card works because I am able to view gpsfiledepot maps that are loaded on to it. Help please

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Nah I am using PQs on a 62s. They were not showing up in the master list of all caches or on the map and if I went into the geocache list it told me no geocaches found.


But it is working now. Not sure what caused it. But I deleted all of the GPX files on the unit (SD card and internal memory) using my computer. Then I removed the SD card and rebooted it with no card in it. Then I turned it off, put the card back in and turned it on again. And then I put the gpx files back on the SD card and now when I turn it on they all show.


Kinda strange, but I guess it works now. I did a lot of searching and I have seen other people have a problem similar to what I had. I hope its not something I run into again.


Thanks for the help everyone.

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