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  1. I love cache sense on my 9930. The new OS7 BlackBerry devices have a magnetometer. That helps a lot. But I still prefer to use the 62s.
  2. Hello everyone My wife and I are going to visit all of the State Parks in Indiana. So I am trying to find all of the caches hidden within all 25 of the parks and I am just wondering what would be the best way to go about it. I am a premium member and I use a Garmin GPSmap 62s. We will be visiting the parks at a pretty rapid rate. So I would need to have the caches either on my device or saved to my PC so I can have them ready to go without needing to get on-line. What would you recommend I do? Thanks in advance
  3. Nah I am using PQs on a 62s. They were not showing up in the master list of all caches or on the map and if I went into the geocache list it told me no geocaches found. But it is working now. Not sure what caused it. But I deleted all of the GPX files on the unit (SD card and internal memory) using my computer. Then I removed the SD card and rebooted it with no card in it. Then I turned it off, put the card back in and turned it on again. And then I put the gpx files back on the SD card and now when I turn it on they all show. Kinda strange, but I guess it works now. I did a lot of searching and I have seen other people have a problem similar to what I had. I hope its not something I run into again. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. It is an 8Gb formatted Fat32. I use it for maps with no problems. Also I am using the 3.9 beta firmware. I never really tried to put GPX files on the Sd card while on older firmware.
  5. Hello I decided that I wanted to start doing more geocaching so I went to load some GPX files on the SD card. So from my computer I went to the sd card /Garmin/GPX and I dropped some GPX files in there. Nothing will show up. So I did some searching and read about putting in the Current folder, I did that and still nothing shows up. I then put the GPX files in the internal memory and copy pasted the entire GPX folder from internal memory to the SD card. Still wont display any thing. So I did a hard rest and tried everything again and still the only way I can view Geocaches is if they are in internal memory. The SD card works because I am able to view gpsfiledepot maps that are loaded on to it. Help please
  6. Look for the app cachesense. Free 30 day trial then $9.99 if you want to buy it and that is for a lifetime license. I just got the newest beta that uses the geocaching live api. It's very nice. You can browser your PQs and install them, log your finds and locate nearby caches all without leaving the app. If you want something thats completely free look for Blackstar. Both apps work. But in my opinion Cachesense is well worth the price. Plus you get 30 day to try it risk free.
  7. Does this mean it will work without having to DL PQ's into my phone. We do all the PQ stuff for our GPSr and basically wanted our BB's to be usable if we were somewhere without our GPSr and had time to kill. So we could just boot up program and find nearest cache at that moment, I know there is one like that for the iPhone (not cachesense) as our friend uses it. Let me check that out as I haven't had to use a feature like that and will report back once I've had a chance to really work it out. But just today, on the spur of the moment, picked up my two boys from daycare and decided to try it out on-the-fly, so to speak. I started CS, clicked on "Pocket Queries", it connected to my account at geocaching.com and presented me ALL of my currently downloadable PQ's. I selected the one in my area and it downloaded it to my BB. No muss, no fuss . I clicked on "Nearest Caches" to my GPS location and in a few seconds, I had a list of the 20 closest geocaches from that PQ. But I'll do some playing with it to see what it can do if you don't have an active PQ available. Good question Blackstar will find geocaches based on your current location on geocaching.com. It isn't ideal though. It just opens your browser to search results near you and then you can select the caches you want and download them. Then you just import them like any other gpx file. So if you have an OS5 or older BB you might be out of luck.
  8. You can't. You would need whats called usb otg to make the ipad the host and your GPS the slave. The way it is now the ipad and your GPS are both slave devices. To do it requires the right hardware and software and the ipad has neither one of them. Some tablets do have the hardware though, Like the BlackBerry PlayBook has a micro usb otg port, but its software currently doesn't allow for role switching. I'm not sure if any of the tablets currently do. You can do this with any of the notebook PCs. Those are a lot smaller and lighter than a full size laptop.
  9. That really sucks. I'm curious if you have gotten a hold of Zagg to see what they have to say about it. They probably wont do anything to help you get your unit repaired. But they might be able to help others avoid the same problem.
  10. The satisfaction guarantee applies to everything they sell. Perhaps CacheFreakTim and ECAnderson's back and forth was confusing? Read their discussion this way: Q1: Do they offer their guarantee on everything? A1: Everything. Q2: How do the stay in business? A2: Except during their sales, they get better margins than others selling the same kind of gear. Oh ok now I see that. My eyes read faster than my brain processes sometimes lol Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  11. So the satisfaction guarantee doesn't apply to on sale items? I keep hearing about the $100 off sale that REI did on the 62s a couple of months ago. All those people that took advantage of that sale wont get the guarantee? Just curious because that would be kind of disappointing for all of them. I am now tempted to contact the ebay seller and see about returning my 62s. Not to try to get ahead some how it would just be nice to have a longer warranty. I always have had bad luck with them. The stuff I buy always seems to last until a week after the warranty ends and then falls a part. With something as expensive as these GPS units it would be nice to know it will last for years. It sounds like if you buy from REI you will without a doubt get years out of your GPSr.
  12. I also went with the 62s. Main reason being all of the Garmin touch screens I have played with have been kinda unresponsive. My nuvi drives me nuts typing on and the display Oregon I tried out wasn't much better. I did not get to try out the Montana touch screen though, so maybe they have improved it some. Could also just be my fingers. To be honest though I much prefer buttons over touch screen. Although I am using my touch screen PlayBook to type all of this right now lol.
  13. For the record this guy is in no shape or form my friend. Just a fellow cacher hunting the same trails I was. His attitude about me not buying from REI so I could cheat the system instantly made him become someone I would not want to associate with in the future. I do agree that people doing what he does has got to effect other people some how. REI has to be passing those costs on to other buyers in some form. If they weren't I dont see how they could remain in business. I think it is awesome REI has that great of a return policy and in a way I do wish I had paid the little extra to get that guarantee, but it sucks knowing people out there are taking advantage of it.
  14. I recently purchased a 62s from ebay. I love it. Well today a fellow cacher told me I had made a mistake not buying it from REI. His reasoning why is the satisfaction guarantee. He informed that whenever a new model he wants comes out he just returns his old GPSr and uses the refund to buy the new model. That way he doesn't lose any money buy trying to sell his old unit. Even after years of using the same gps he just returns it and gets back all of the money it originally cost him. It kind of shocked me that he admitted to doing that. In my opinion I view that as being a pretty crappy thing to do, almost like boderline theft. But he made it seem like the normal thing that everyone does. My questions are. Is REI's guarantee really that good to where a item you have used for years can still be returned? and is it actually common practice for people to abuse the system like that? Maybe I'm just being weird about it *EDIT* Sorry I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section
  15. I just got done checking out My Trails. It sounds awesome. Thanks for the info I hadn't heard of it before. I now think I will be skipping the Garmin 24k maps and get all of my topo needs from GPS files depot.
  16. Thank you so much for the help. So your saying CN is only 153 segments? Wow that's crazy. I figured it would be a lot more than that. In other words the maximum of 2000+ segments would be pretty hard to reach? That's good to hear. And just so I'm sure I read your post right. I need to rename the file gmapsupp.img from my DVD to city Navigator.img and then drop it into the card? Is gmapsupp.img used for anything on the 62s? I had a Nuvi and I'm pretty sure it used that file name for the City Navigator inside the Garmin folder on the internal memory. What does renaming the file do? I am going to guess that it will keep it from being the default start up map. Right? I'm just trying to get a better understanding of all of this. Thanks again
  17. Hello, I am wanting to put City Navigator for North American and the 24k Topo maps for my area onto my 62s. Is it possible to have both of them loaded on to my SD card so I can switch back and forth between them as needed? I will be purchasing the DVDs and using my own SD card. I know the maps will fit on the card, but I have read something about a maximum amount of map tiles. I am a noob at this big time and I really don't understand what that means. But I am wondering if that is something I will run into. Ideally I would love to have the entire country on City Navigator and the Topo 24k Northeast DVD. Will that be past the 2025 maps segments? Also I've been hearing a lot about the maps on GPSFileDepot, Are those maps as detailed as the Garmin 24k maps? I know the Garmins have routing and other features I would love to have, but I can live without those if the free maps have good detail. Can I load my entire state on to the card at once? Sorry for all of these questions. I'm really new to all of this. Coming from a BlackBerry to a 62s has been a big leap. Thanks
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