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new maps cache list

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with the old maps, there was a list of caches numbered; was easy to organize caching an area. how can i get a list of caches with the new maps?



I know this is not the correct answer and I hesitate to mention it because it relies on 3rd party software. And yes, I know it does not work on a Mac unless the Mac user runs a virtual windows machine on the Mac.


I will mention it because some, like me, may really miss the feature. GSAK has a macro that creates a printable map with numbered caches on the map and an index list. It fully replaces the feature that was provided on the "old maps" before they had to be dumped because of the Google fee structure. There is a learning curve involved with both GSAK and getting the macro to print. Once you get past those hurdles you will have the nice paper maps you miss. (If you have or get GSAK, go to help and search for MAPPING. Read to the very end of the help topic.)


Even with "paperless" caching, it is nice to have a map to plan your caching adventure. There are many reason "find next closest" doesn't give you the one you really want and a paper map can be a useful tool.


Back to the original point. Yes, GC.com was forced to break some features we liked. They did not want to and are working to restore as many as they can. Until that happens, GSAK can be used my many cachers. It is a bandage, but like other bandages, it does work even though we would rather not use it.


I hope this helps some of you.

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